Week in the Life (pandemic version) | Friday words + photos

Some Days + Most Days

one) Some days I'm pretty strict with what they get done. Other days they just kinda do what they want. Most days, if they are not sitting in front of screens and getting their assigned school work done, I'm pretty happy.

two) Some days I drink chai, but lately, most days I drink coffee. This is new. After transplant, I didn't drink coffee at all. In the last month or so I would drink very sweet lattes (Dark Chocolate Campfire Mocha from Caribou was my fave). This week, I've finally transitioned back to just almond milk in my coffee.

three) Some days Zach plays during the workweek (today an early morning bike ride followed by golf). Most days he's pretty busy working (sometimes late into the night or on the weekends, but not usually anymore). On top of his full time job, he still occasionally takes work for contract clients through Campfire Studios.

four) Some days the boys are not helpful at all. Most days they pitch in, even if its just a little or even if it's not the greatest work.

five) The dogs rarely got walks pre-pandemic. But now, most days they get a walk. Now that they are walking better with their fancy tactical vests, Holden and Ollie can walk them by themselves. Today, I'm pretty sure they took them on three walks.

six) Soccer would take up at least four days a week for us normally. Practice three days and games on Saturdays. And then the occasional tournament weekend. Ollie plays all year for a pre-competitive team in Westminster. It's the only sport he loves to play. He's tried others, baseball and flag football with Holden one year. But, he always comes back to soccer. He's pretty good too. He's so much fun to watch. Since the pandemic postponed (likely cancelled) his Spring season, his team started having Zoom calls so his coach could give them drills and they could chat. I think he really enjoys it, he hasn't missed a "practice" yet.

seven) If Zach bikes or is going to bike the next day, you can find him washing or fixing up or greasing or whatever to his bike.

eight) Most months on the 15th I tune in and watch Ali's Story Kit process videos. I love this kit. I've subbed since day one to both the Stamp and Kit.

nine) Some days Holden and Ollie play Fortnite in the basement and rarely see the sun. Most days, though, or at least I like to think most days they get outside and play more than they stare at a screen. Coda is a different story. It's a little harder to get him to go outside everyday. But, he has been enjoying long bike rides with friends (great social distancing activity).

ten) Some days we stay up way too late (midnight) but most nights we are in bed around 10pm. I remember it wasn't that long ago I barely made it to 9pm.

Will update again soon.
Love & Light.
😷😘 michelle


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