Week in the Life (pandemic version) | Saturday words + photos

Saturdays are for....

Saturdays are for early morning bike rides (lately so have Thursday, Friday and Sundays).

Saturdays were for soccer games, but now they are for yard work. And since Saturdays are for yard work, they are for Home Depot runs. Because who can do a home project without going to Home Depot about 100 times.

Trying to keep the sun off me as much as possible. I get a rash every time (transplant related side effect I think). I recently got this jacket and love it. It's super light weight, but covers my arms. 

Saturdays are for mowing the lawn. Since Zach upgraded his lawn mower, now the boys can easily mow the front lawn. Even Ollie does it. He actually happily volunteers.

Planted a new perennial and some veggies in our garden beds. Going to try this gardening thing again. Some day we'll get it.

My allergies went crazy working in the yard today. 

Saturdays are for iPhone game playing. Zach's game of choice right now is Sim City. This week he got me into it too.

Saturdays are for pizza nights. A long day of yard work, no one wants to cook. Normally we would have just gone out, now, we order in.

When did this kid get so big?!!

Will update again soon.
Love & Light.
😷😘 michelle


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