Week in the Life (pandemic version) | Sunday words + photos

I want to remember...

For my "I want to remember" journaling, I wanted to include things from this time right now, not just today.

I want to remember our slower pace of life.

I want to remember Coda, as a freshman, practically being the same size as Zach.

I want to remember all the hard work Zach has put in the backyard.

I want to remember how nice and peaceful it is to sit in our master suite (my craft room).

I want to remember that we like to eat at home.

I want to remember how good Holden and Ollie are on their hover boards. (and also how I never want to try it ever again!)

I want to remember Coda thinking about job hunting now that his summer job has been cancelled. He was going to be a leader in training at a sleep-a-way camp. He was so excited. We're bummed that the camp got cancelled, but hopefully next year. Holden and Ollie are also thinking about how to make a few extra bucks this summer. They put together a flyer and asked around the neighborhood. They'll mow your yard for $10. And they're pretty good.

I want to remember all of my family members are always on board with my memory keeping. No one complains, they're just all awesome about it. They journal when I ask them to journal, they take pictures if I ask. I know not everyone has that, so it's nice, I appreciate it.

I want to remember what a crazy time it is to be a 2020 graduating senior in high school. The student ministries team from our church drove around honking and hollering for our neighbor. We ran out front to see what all the commotion was about, it was a pretty cool thing. I also saw lots of posts about car parades with the graduating seniors from various schools. Our elementary school staff and teachers are going to do a car parade through the neighborhood tomorrow for the students.

I want to remember what social distancing/ quarantine life was like for us. I would say we're pretty strict. For the first 4-6 weeks or so, Zach would only go out to get groceries (if I went, I sat in the car), he always wore a mask. The boys were not allowed to do anything. After about 6 weeks, we started letting them go out on bike rides with a friend, keeping social distancing in mind and wearing a mask. We also went to a family only birthday get together. Now we're ten weeks in or so. I just started going into the grocery store (but not often and always wearing a mask), Zach has gone into work a couple times but still tries to work from home whenever possible. Bike rides with a friend are the only social time Coda gets, and that's still not super often (maybe once or twice a week) and social distancing is strongly encouraged. Holden and Ollie have each other, so they're fine. We also will see the grandparents and cousins, but again, not often, maybe two or three times since the start of this. Sunday, we met up for ice cream at a park.

I want to remember that we should not stay up past midnight. So tired today.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This photo was totally staged. HA. Zach came home from his bike ride and gave me a hug and I said, oh, wait, do that again. Hold on, go stand over there. Set up the camera self timer, but needed a wider lens, so he went down and grabbed one and there you go. Totally natural and not staged at all. HA.

Since we had to run out front to see what was going on, no time to change lenses. We just caught the tail end of the parade.

While we were at the park, Coda grabbed the camera and started experimenting with manual mode. This was a fun photo he took with a long exposure.

And that's a wrap. 2020 Week in the Life is finished. Now to start working on my album, the fun part! I normally get all my prints from Costco one hour, but they are not taking in-store orders right now so I'll have to send them off. I'll probably work on getting the prints sized first, send them off, and then work on journaling and things while I wait for the prints to arrive.

Will update again soon.
Love & Light.
😷😘 michelle


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