Week in the Life (pandemic version) | Thursday words + photos

Today I...

Today Holden and Ollie ate breakfast on the trampoline and Zach took work calls outside. Loving this nice weather.

Today Ollie made his final school project out of cake and candy.

Today I got to monitor my high schooler on computers because of a lack of integrity last night.

Today Holden and Ollie both had class dance parties via Google Hangouts.

Today Coda went on a 6 mile bike ride with the neighbor (social distancing).

Today we got a special book delivery by Ollie's teacher to keep him reading. It's been hard since libraries are closed and I hate them to be on screens all the time. It's nice because Holden and Ollie can share books.

Today Zach was busy with work, sitting in front of the computer all day.

Today Zach and I went on a date night. We picked up pizzas (and a margarita for me) from Denver (I've been following their posts on instagram and they looked so yummy) and drove somewhere to park and look at the mountains and eat in the back of the van. We got to just talk. It was nice.

Will update again soon.
Love & Light.
😷😘 michelle


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