Week in the Life (pandemic version) | Tuesday words + photos

I feel like I'm taking way less photos than I normally do with this project and I like that. Hopefully it will make it easier to wrap up the album once the week is over.

Around here, we drink pour over coffee. Zach has become a real coffee snob. He has a very particular taste and prefers single origin, more acidic coffee. Right now, his favorite beans come from Sweet Bloom or Queen City Coffee, both Ethiopian single origins. I haven't figured out exactly what I like yet. I'm just getting back to drinking coffee. I had to use a super sweet creamer at first and this week I'm trying to go back to just almond milk. We've stopped using the Keurig (I should get rid of it) completely, but it still sits there.

Around here, Holden and Ollie sometimes do school in their rooms. Coda has to stay upstairs, but can sit where he wants. Lately he has been choosing the couch.

Around here, I'm still taking so many meds! It's better, that's for sure, I'm down to only 2 in the evening, but still. So many! Ready to be done with the meds and all the post transplant problems. Ugh.

Around here, everyone does their own laundry. So I usually only do a few loads a week (towels, sheets, our delicates and our regular wash). The boys each do a load of their own laundry and do their own bath towels and sheets. It's great!

Around here, Zach works out in the home gym or bikes or does both pretty much every day. He's been using an app called Keelo or something like that. It gives him crossfit workouts daily and caters to whatever equipment he has on hand. He even got Holden and Ollie to do part of the workout with him today. I took the day off, my legs are SORE from yesterday. Never Skip Leg Day!

Around here, Coda is super into loaded cheese fries for lunch. He made me a grilled cheese and he made himself fries with leftover steak and cheese. The boys all usually just make their own breakfast and lunches now-a-days. It's nice to not have to cook several times a day for everyone.

Around here, we've been trying to figure out the best way to parent through lies and hiding and lack of integrity. It's feeling like it's over the smallest things, but we have a very impulsive child.

Around here, Coda is taking his AP exam for human geography online so we're giving him a quiet house and heading out to run errands.

Around here, face masks are worn in public (so weird!) and only two people allowed in Costco per membership. Ollie and I sat in the car and played Sim City or Hay Day while Zach and Holden went in and shopped. After, Zach and I went to King Soopers. It was the first time I have been inside the store in months. I usually sit in the car.

Around here, Fortnite is the game of choice for Holden and Ollie. Ollie on the Xbox and Holden on the Nintendo Switch. During the "normal" school week we didn't allow them to have screen time until the weekend. But, now, as long as they get their work done and help around the house, they can earn time to play Xbox or watch YouTube or whatever.

Around here, we're getting 5th grade continuation things in the mail and emails from the school district about plans for reopening (or not reopening) buildings next year.

Around here, allergies are high. Zach took the dogs for a walk with the boys and noticed Ollie was breaking out in a rash. They came home and he ran to get Benedryl. I had Ollie bathe and wash his sheets, just in case it wasn't allergies and something else. But, I'm pretty sure it's Hay Fever. Thinking that's what I have too. I took a Benedryl and my face started to clear up. My eyes have been really watery today too. And I looked it up and it appears that pollen is pretty high right now.

Around here, I watch lots of baking shows with Holden and Ollie. Right now, we are finishing up Buddy vs. Duff. Bedtime is pretty much out the window. We had to wait for Ollie's sheets to finish washing, so we just stayed up late and finished out the season. We think Duff should have won! It was almost 11pm before we all got in bed. It's going to be a sleepy morning tomorrow.

Will update again soon.
Love & Light.
😷😘 michelle


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